Contra Indications, Contra Dancing in Des Moines Iowa

Contra Indications is passing the torch.

Dear Contra Dancers,
The time has come to pass the Des Moines Contra Dancing torch to a new group.  We at Contra-Indications have been at this for 5 years now. It has been fun and challenging.  In an effort to bring more Contra dancing to Des Moines, we (Contra-Indications) will be moving on. There is however a new organization being created.  This new group can be found on line at Click link for information on the New Year's dance. There is also a new email list which I suggest you sign up for as the Contra-Indications list will not be updated with new dances and information.  It can be found at

This group is being coordinated by Reid Miller (caller, musician, dance organizer, etc).  He can be reached via email at  The group has found a great new location at St Lukes Episcopal Church, 3424 Forest Ave, just three (3) blocks west of Drake.  It has a wood floor, high ceilings, great atmosphere, and free parking behind the building.  The first dance is scheduled for December 31.  Start the New Year off dancing!
The cash contributions people made to support Contra Indications will be used over time to help the new organization grow. We (decisions mostly made by myself – Steven Lipshutz) have helped get the new web site started and will consider other expenditures as we go. If anyone who made a prior contribution and who now feels they want a refund contact me via email at to discuss a refund or get more information on our spending decisions.  Please help Reid and the new group grow a vibrant and successful Contra Dance community here in the Des Moines area.
Thanks to all those who helped get us this far.
Steven Lipshutz – President Contra Indications

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Updated: December 16, 2016 11:26 AM